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Hot Air balloon Safaris to start in Ruaha National Park

It is now official that the premier and most prominent hot air balloon safari company in Tanzania; the Serengeti Balloon Safari Company will start operating hot air balloon safaris in The Ruaha National Park which is currently the largest national park in Tanzania. First of it’s kind in the Southern and Central Tanzania Safari Circuit the hot air balloon flights are set to begin in the middle of the year 2018 precisely the 15th June 2018 as the first day of operations.

Hot Air balloon Safaris in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

The Ruaha National Park is currently the largest national park after in Tanzania after the Government of Tanzania combine the existing area of the park with all the concession and wildlife areas that used to border the park and gazetted tone vast park in Tanzania, East Africa. The park covers some 20,000 sq km and lies in the central part of this beautiful country. Ruaha N Park is a premium safari destination in the country due to its vastness, but also remoteness making it the best wilderness area in the Central Tanzania.

Ruaha is a far cry from the busy tourist circuits of Northern Tanzania. This incredible park boasts a baobab-studded landscape and excellent game viewing opportunity by 4×4 safari vehicles or even on foot (guided by armed rangers), and now it is good to hear that soon the park can now be explored from the air; by hot-air balloon with the Serengeti Hot Air balloon safari company.

Test-flights for the hot air balloon were conducted in Ruaha and they were an unmitigated success; according to the Operations Manager of Serengeti Balloon Safaris. All systems set the company has announced!

Tanzania safaris | Hot Air Balloon rides in Ruaha National Park

Flying conditions in Ruaha are very different to those of Serengeti National Park. Ruaha National Park has excellent game and stunning scenery, (read the Ruaha River from above) and we at Safari Supremacy can not wait for the time that we will start booking you on hot air balloon safaris in the largest, ad most remote, wild wild Ruaha National Park!

The cost for the balloon safari in Ruaha will be the same as the cost for the hot air balloon rides in the Serengeti. At USD 599 inclusive all taxes and concession fees we can arrange for the this unforgettable experience.

We offer long safari tours to Southern Tanzania that include Ruaha National Park but also offer fly in tours to Ruaha National Park in which we can include the hot air balloon safari. See one of our Southern Tanzania safaris in which you can have Hot Air Balloon in the Ruaha National Park!

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