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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Welcome to our  Travel tips page . Here you will find answers to a few Frequently asked questions about African safaris and how to book your African safari.

Do you include International flights?

We offer safaris to people from around the world and we do not know where you are coming from. So our safari prices do not include international air fare. We expect you to Arrange your international flights and give us the arrival and departure time and points/ airports.

Where do I fly into or out of?

If you are doing a safari in Northern Tanzania you better fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport. If you are including Zanzibar, you better fly out of Zanzibar Airport or Even Dar es Salaam. If you are doing Southern Tanzania, you better fly into Dar es Salaam. We however arrange connections for person flying into and out of all regional airports like Nairobi Kenya, Dar es Salaam, and Zanzibar

Is taking my safari in Tanzania safe?

Yes of course they are. Tanzania is one of the safest countries in Africa and the most politically stable in East Africa. They have a tradition of hospitality to all people known and not known to someone. The Staff therefore in lodges and Camps are very friendly and attentive. We also Use only safe lodges and tented camps so you can rest assured that you will be in safe hands.

Is water in Tanzania safe?

Tap water may not be safe in some places so you are advised to drink only bottled water. Some trusted brands in Tanzania are, Kilimanjaro water, Sequa, Just water, Mount Meru, Aqua king, and Uhai in Zanzibar.

Are there a lot of insects/ bugs in Tanzania?

It is alleged that you will encounter less bugs in Africa than the ones you encounter on a North American tour so it is not correct to say there are lot of insects that can harm you. Mosquitoes bite at night but you will sleep in a treated bed net so you don’t expect to be bitten. A nice insect repellant is enough to enjoy your safari in Tanzania without the fear of bugs.

What Vaccination is necessary?

It is good to consult your doctor before taking a Yellow fever vaccination which is usually required to travel to Tanzania but more especially if you are coming from an endemic country or staying 12 hours and above in an endemic Country. For example Kenya and Ethiopia layovers for such hours.

Ant malarial pills can be taken before travelling because some can Keep one safe for at least 3 months.

Which are the best places to visit for viewing wildlife in Africa?

Kenya and Tanzania are the origin of the African Safari. The Masai Mara, The Serengeti National park, Ngorongoro Crater, The Selous Game Reserve, name it….

Which animals can we see on safari in Tanzania?

With a little luck you will see all the big Five in Tanzania. All other animals you have been dreaming of, like lions elephants, giraffes, zebras, wildebeests. The wildebeests Migration herds can be seen in Serengeti or Masai Mara depending on when you are travelling. River crossing of the wildebeests cannot be predicted. It can only be witnessed by sheer luck.

What is the best time or month to go to Tanzania for safari?

Tanzania can be toured any time of the year! Depending on the time of the year that you wish to travel we will customize a tour that will be best for you. We are in constant contact with our guides who are out in the field every day so we know for example where the wildebeests Migration are every time. April and May can be rainy but safaris go on as usual. The rates in the lodges / camps are also lower in April and May.

What is the Great Migration?

This is the greatest Wildlife spectacle on earth. The movement of a million plus wildebeests accompanied by zebras and gazelles around the plains of Masai Mara and Serengeti in a yearly cycle. They move in search of grass and water, and they cannot be predicted. The River crossing should not be confused with Wildebeests Migration. River crossing is just part of the migration.

What if we do not see the Wildebeests Migration?

The Great Migration is not the only thing you can see in Tanzania. Your Safari in Tanzania is an unforgettable experience with or without seeing the great Migration. There are plenty of breathtaking sceneries and wildlife and birds to see.

Which type of clothes should we bring on safari?

You are advised to wear casual attire with brown and “Khakhi” colors most preferably. During the drier months you are advised to wear light but most preferably Cotton garments. Open Shoes can be nice during those travel times but hiking boots/ sneakers can be handy if your package includes walking.

How is the food on safari?

Most lodges / tented camps on safari serve continental cuisine and a mixture of local delicacies from Tanzania. Most places serve Buffet so it is you to choose what you prefer. All our Camping safaris are accompanied by a professional safari cook who prepares what you prefer.

What about Special diets and allergies / special dietary needs?

During the final booking of your safari you will be required to note any dietary needs/ allergies. We cater for all. Vegetarians, Gluten free diet etc. We only need to know in advance.

How is the weather in Tanzania?

Generally ,dry sunny , warm and dry. The weather however varies from month to month. From December to March it always warmer. April and May it is mostly rainy and cooler. June is mostly out of rains but cold. July and August into September is Warm and dry. October and November experiences some short rains.

Do the safari itineraries include interaction with local Tanzanians?

Yes our itineraries include cultural encounters and places where you can mingle with the locals. Unless you do not wish to. All itineraries are customizable so you include what you want and omit what you don’t.

Is it possible for me to come up with my own itinerary?

Yes it is possible. You can compile your itinerary and our experts will be at your disposal to advise what and what is not feasible. They know better what is doable and what is not.

Can we do a Safari in Tanzania with Kids/Children?

Absolutely! It is very possible and advisable to do the safari with the children. Our experts only need to know the ages of the children and they will advise what is best for the kids in terms of accommodation and availability. We also have specially designed family safaris that have taken kids into consideration. The issue of malaria is out of the question. All lodges/ camps have treated mosquito nets.

Do we sleep in safari lodges or tented camps?

It depends n your preference. You choose where to stay depending on what interests you. A mixture of both, only lodges or only tented camps. On arrival at Arusha before your safari; you will most likely stay in a city hotel or a lodge around Arusha.

What are the sizes of your safari groups?

We do not offer group safaris for the published itineraries. They are private tours for only you and your travel companions. In case you want to book our Daily Shared safari departures; what matters is the number of persons in a vehicle. We offer all participants a guaranteed window seat.

Do I need to book my safari well in Advance?

Yes ! it is very much advisable to book your safari early enough. This gives you the chance to choose and actually get your most preferred accommodations. It offers also flexibility during the preparation of the safari itinerary. The earlier the better.

Are there Extra costs after paying my safari?

Basically what is included in your safari is Lunch , Dinner and Breakfast. Bottled water during the safari is also included as well as park entry fees and the Crater Entry fees. Tips to your guide and lodge staff is not included. So is your alcoholic and any non alcoholic beverages. Visa fees, phone calls, laundry services, your travel insurance and any souvenirs you may want to buy is not included.

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