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We are a fully fledged Mountain Kilimanjaro guiding and wildlife safari comapny in Tanzania. We are based in Arusha, the heard of east Africa and the fulcrum of tourism in East Africa.

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Safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro

When it comes to guiding safaris in Tanzania we know better than anybody else.

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Mount Kilimanjaro & Safari Packages

5 Days Lodge Safari

This package is a classic Tanzania Safari package taking you to 3 of the most prominent national parks in the Northern Tanzania Safari circuit.

Big Five Safari - 5 Days

The package involves staying in handpicked lodges and Tented camps. categories; up market, standard luxury, mid range.

Tanzania Safari & Zanzibar Beach

14 dayswildlife safari trip in Africa in the Northern Tanzania and fly to the Spice Island of Zanzibar for a beach extension. 

Camping Safari, 4 Days

Camping safaris can be done to keep costs low but not always because of budget, sometimes it can be done for the fun that comes with the adventure.

Safari Kenya & Tanzania

Kenya safari combined with Tanzania safari is usually the best safari experience in Africa. Doing a Combo Kenya and Tanzania safari tour will be a very rewarding safari.

Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is in Tanzania, East Africa. Located about 200 miles which is about 325 Kilometers from the equator the weather is usually fabulous.

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Kilimanjaro Climb Reports

get live updates from Mt Kilimanjaro. See how your friends are getting on with their climb with live photos direct from the mountain.

Competitive Kilimanjaro Prices

With a range of prices to suit your budget, you now have the freedom to choose what fits your budget and standards

Book and Save Money

On your mT kilimanjaro Climb,you can now save money by joining a group of climbers with guarateed departure dates and affordable rates

Weather on the Mountain

We advice you on the best weather to take on your Mt Kilimanjaro challenge

Track a Kilimanjaro Climb

We can show you how to locate and trace your friend up Mt Kilimanjaro for updates

Best time to climb Kilimanjaro

Get information on what to wear and best time to climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Why Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro with Moon Adventure & Safaris is the best choice you would take for your Mount Kilimanjaro Adventure. we have been guiding Kilimanjaro treks for many years and our experience and expertise guarantees you a very high success rate of summiting to reach the highest peak in Africa.

What to wear

You are responsible for bringing personal gear and equipment while communal equipment (tents, food, cooking items, etc.) is provided. Below is a gear list of required, recommended and optional items to bring on your Mount Kilimanjaro climb

Best time to climb

Best Trekking Months. There are two seasons which make the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. They are January-March and June-October. January-March is generally colder than June-October and there is a higher probability of encountering snow on the summit

How much does it cost ?

Many people look for a cheap Kilimanjaro climb. But if you have done some research, then you have already found that this is not possible. And you probably have also discovered that there are a wide range of prices charged for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro by different outfitters.

Kilimanjaro Route options

Different Support Levels

Days We Climb Each Year

Attractions to Explore

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whether it is a safari or you want to get to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, our experts will guide you through what you need to make your dream adventure in Tanzania.

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Featured Destinations

Below are the most popular destionations to visit for your safari and Kilimanjaro Climb


Mount Kilimanjaro

Climb the tallest free standing mountain

Serengeti National Park

Experience the great wildebeest migration

Zanzibar Beach

Zanzibar Beach Holidays.

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